About Us

If you’re looking for a company to deliver results, Target NE’s professional and independent doorstep distribution services offer a sound return on investment.  Our campaigns are guaranteed to attract your customers’ full attention, reach a maximum target audience and achieve higher levels of return in the most effective and direct means possible.

As one of the few independent and family-run companies operating in the North East, Target NE has successfully carved a niche in what has become a highly competitive marketplace.

From our head office in Felling, Tyne & Wear, Target NE has an unsurpassed knowledge of the North East and an unrivalled level of expertise and has become a well known industry figure, respected by fellow professionals, clients and consumers alike.

The team at Target NE are dedicated and highly experienced individuals who together, make a strong and dynamic work force of sales specialists, uniformed field operatives and support staff who all fully understand the importance of providing an elite standard of customer service and after-sales care.

When you commission the team at Target NE to deliver your campaign, you can be confident that all of our clients big or small will receive the same level of commitment, professionalism and value for money.  We are with you every step of the way.

Our Services:

  • Design & Print
  • Solus Leaflet Distribution
  • Shared Leaflet Distribution