Door to Door Marketing

Door to door marketing is a cold calling process that involves knocking on the doors of strangers and trying to interest them in a product or service you are promoting. The process is usually done by a salesman or saleswoman who has had training in the procedure. They are usually paid on a commission basis, which means that the more sales they manage to close, the more they can expect to be paid for their efforts. Door to door marketing is a tedious kind of job that is not suited to everyone, but it can be a highly successful way of selling a product or service, especially if it is in general demand.

This form of promotion is known as cold calling because the person who answers the door is not targeted in any way, and has not been warmed up to the idea of purchasing the product or service being offered beforehand. For this reasons, door to door marketing is not always easy, and is not for the faint-hearted. It requires someone to be firm and not easily put off. They need to be able to take rejection without getting emotional about it, and they have to be able to accept the occasional hostile reaction as part of the job too.

However, those who like door to door marketing can be very good at it. It can be very profitable for them, and for the company whose product or service is being promoted. It is usually cheaper to conduct a door to door marketing campaign than to conduct a direct mail marketing campaign, for example, and the returns can be proportionally every bit as good too. It is essential, however, that the people who are employed in door to door marketing are properly trained. It is easy for someone who is not properly trained to lose the sale, even when the person they are trying to sell to is ready to buy.

There is a lot of psychology involved in door to door marketing. A good salesperson will be aware of the various nuances involved, and he or she will know when to push harder and when to back off a little. They will be able to guide the prospect through the process in an interesting and even entertaining manner, so that when they finally arrive at the point where they make the pitch for the sale, the prospect has been warmed up to such a degree that they are likely to agree to the purchase. Door to door marketing can be an extremely profitable way of promoting a product or service, and it is used by many companies every day.

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