Why Door-to-Door Mailing Beats Other Marketing Methods

Door-to-door mailing is an excellent marketing method, and one that is put to use by many companies with great results. But what is it about this marketing method that makes it so popular compared to other methods? This article looks at some of the main factors.

When it comes to return on investment from marketing, it can often be hard to find an effective method. Door-to-door mailing is one of the most popular forms of marketing when compared to other methods, and there are a number of reasons for this. Here are some of the main advantages it has over other marketing techniques.


Mass mailing is a very cheap marketing tactic which generates real results. This is certainly one of the biggest attractions of door-to-door mailing because ROI is always important. When the actual mailing can be combined with design and printing from the same company, the rates can become even more attractive.


Door-to-door mailing allows you to target specific demographic groups with a good degree of accuracy. Whether you target large or small geographic areas, you can research the types of demographics you are likely to reach and this will improve your chances of reaching the right target market.


Timing is everything with marketing, and door-to-door mailing makes accurate timing a real possibility. By choosing the exact day and time when you want your leaflets to be delivered, you can increase the chances that your marketing material will get seen, read and acted on.


Leaflets and brochures are physical objects which means your target customers are more likely to come into contact with your marketing message compared to other methods like sending mass emails which can be deleted too easily. This means when you undertake a door-to-door mailing campaign you are guaranteed that you are spreading your message and getting noticed.

Brand Recognition

Because of the low costs associated with door-to-door mailing, you can continue to deliver leaflets over a long period of time, building your brand recognition. So even if it takes 10 deliveries for a customer to call you, the fact that you are continually getting your brand in front of them will pay off over time.

Improve Your Marketing Tactics

Door-to-door mailing provides an excellent way for you to improve your marketing tactics and get better results without the need for a large investment. Try out door-to-door mailing and see how much of a difference it can make to your own campaigns.

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