Doorstep Marketing

Doorstep marketing is a sales technique that involves cold calling through knocking on doors and going from street to street trying to sell a particular product. It is inevitable that most of the people contacted in this way will not purchase the product offered. However, a persistent and dedicated doorstep marketing salesman will make it worthwhile by knocking on enough doors so that he or she makes enough sales in a day to cover costs and make a profit for the company they represent.

Doorstep marketing is usually not for the faint hearted. It requires a determination to see things through, even if the prospective customers who are approached are rude and unfriendly. The salesman needs to keep his or her eye on the ultimate goal of securing enough sales per day or week to see a good profit, rather than become upset by the ones who do not purchase.

Not all doorstep marketing involves a direct sale. Leaflet distribution is a doorstep marketing method that does not require a sale at the time of meeting the occupants of a house. The leaflets being distributed have a promotional message which does the selling. It is in effect a salesman in print. The people who are approached through leaflet distribution in doorstep marketing do not have to make a decision immediately. They can look over the leaflet they are given at their leisure and decide what to do at a later time that suits them better.

It is true that even with leaflet distribution through doorstep marketing; most of the leaflets are thrown away. This is understood and expected, as it is the one or two percent of cases where the recipient of the leaflet actually purchases the offer that makes it all worthwhile. In fact, a doorstep marketing campaign that is involved in distributing leaflets is likely to be more successful than one that tries to sell a product directly. The leaflets that are distributed are invariably free of charge, and most people don’t mind getting something free. They are therefore more likely to look it over and consider the offers they find.

Doorstep marketing is a skill that has to be done properly in order to succeed. It involves calling on strangers and trying to encourage them to be receptive to your offer. The conversion rate is usually around one in a hundred, so it is also necessary to approach many strangers in order to make doorstep marketing a successful venture.

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