Eye-Catching Design

When it comes to successful leaflet distribution, it’s all about getting your leaflet noticed, and the design will play a large role in that. There are many elements that you should take into consideration, including the colour and size of the leaflets, as well as the size of the text and the message that you use.

There are plenty of tips on the design of the leaflet if you want to get more form your leaflet distribution campaign. These include factors such as putting the main text in the top third of the page where it will get noticed, making sure there is lots of white space on the leaflet and only including the most important details. So think very carefully about the design of your leaflet and see if you can maximise the amount of responses you generate.

Get Your Leaflets Delivered Individually

Most leaflet distribution firms will offer a variety of services, and you can normally choose to have your leaflets delivered along with others or on their own. If you opt for the second option then this will be much more effective than if it is delivered as part of a whole stack of other leaflets because your leaflet will have less competition. Your target market are a busy lot, but if your leaflet is delivered on its own it is much more likely to stand out and get noticed.

Choose Your Day Carefully

Even the day that you send out your leaflet can have an effect on the success of your leaflet distribution campaign. For example, if there is a popular local magazine that gets delivered on a certain day, try to avoid delivering your leaflet on the same day because you will be facing unnecessary competition. Instead, choose a day where your leaflet will face less competition and it’s likely to get more attention.

Get More from Your Leaflet Distribution

If you want a more successful leaflet distribution campaign then you should take note of the above factors. Leaflet distribution is a very effective way to market your business without paying a fortune, but if you can increase the odds of getting a result then you should always do so.

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