Can Online Businesses Make Use of Leaflet Distribution?

Online businesses often stick to online marketing techniques because they are convenient and cost-effective, but also because many never get around to considering the option of trying out more traditional marketing techniques such as leaflet distribution. But can leaflet distribution still be an effective strategy for businesses that operate online?

An Excellent Strategy for Local Businesses

Local businesses often experiment with techniques like local SEO, which is the practice of optimising a website for keywords relating to a physical location so that it appears in a prominent position in the search engines for relevant searches. However, SEO is becoming increasingly competitive, and although it is still effective, businesses should also be looking at other ways to market their websites.

Leaflets can be targeted at a specific town or city, or even a particular neighbourhood. This makes them the ideal way to target residents of a specific location, and it also has the benefit of allowing businesses to reach out to people without potential customers having to search for them.

By regularly sending out leaflets, businesses can increase brand awareness so that targets go straight to them next time they are looking for the products or services they offer rather than carrying out a general web search.

Use Leaflets to Direct People to Your Online Properties

Leaflet distribution can be used by businesses to highlight their websites and other web properties like social media accounts. We see this all the time with TV and billboard ads, and leaflets can be an even more effective way of increasing awareness. You could even consider including a QR code on the leaflet that your targets can scan to make visiting your website even easier.

Enjoy the Unique Factor

Many online businesses stick resolutely to online marketing tactics, but as a result they end up doing the same thing as all of the other businesses in their situation. Competition is fierce online, and experimenting with offline techniques like leaflet distribution can provide you with the perfect way to stand out from your competition.

Leaflets can also enable your customers to connect with your online business in another way. They can demonstrate that you are a real business and not just a website set up overnight. Leaflet marketing can therefore help to lend you more legitimacy.

A Marketing Strategy for Online & Offline Businesses

Leaflet marketing has been around for a long time, and it is not going anywhere. Although new online marketing techniques have become more popular over recent years, there is no reason why they cannot exist alongside traditional techniques, which can often provide many benefits that online marketing strategies cannot offer.

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