3 Key Advantages Leaflet Distribution Has Over Email Marketing

Email newsletters have long been a favoured technique of marketing departments in businesses across the world. Free to send to millions of targets in a single click and easy to track, emails will remain a popular marketing strategy for a long time to come.

However, despite being a more traditional form of communication, leaflets actually have a number of benefits over emails that should not be dismissed. Here are three key benefits of leaflet distribution that could make it a good option for your business.

1. Recipients Find Ignoring Leaflets Harder

Emails are very easy to ignore, and that is one of the big problems with this marketing technique. Many people automatically ignore emails that are not from someone they know, and we receive so many emails that it is too easy to send anything that does not provide an immediate interest to the trash. Some emails go straight to the junk folder and don’t even see the light of day.

Leaflets, however, are not so easy to ignore. Send your leaflet out on a solo drop and it will not have any other competition. People have to physically pick up the leaflet, forcing them to take notice, and over time this can increase brand awareness significantly.

2. Targets Do Not Need to Sign Up to Receive Your Leaflets

Unsolicited marketing emails are known as SPAM, which everyone hates. It fills up our inboxes and prevents us from getting access to the emails we actually want. To avoid sending SPAM to your targets, you need to get the express permission from them first, otherwise you could get into a lot of trouble.

With leaflet distribution, this is not an issue. People can always choose not to receive marketing communications by post, but many people do not mind receiving leaflets and brochures because the information they get can prove very useful. This means you can send leaflets out to people and make them aware of your services without needing their express permission.

3. Leaflets Can Have Greater Visual Impact

You are fairly limited in the design options when it comes to emails. Many email clients automatically remove images until the user provides their express permission, and this means that many emails arrive displaying no more than text.

Leaflets, however, have endless design options. You can send leaflets with images, text, photographs, attractive fonts and more, which can create a real impact on the recipient and help to generate more interest.

Why Not Use Them Both?

As you can see, leaflet distribution comes with a number of key benefits over email marketing. However, email marketing is still a very effective technique if done properly. There is no reason why you should not experiment with both of these at the same time, but try not to dismiss leaflets purely because they represent a more traditional type of marketing, because they can still have many benefits for your business.

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