5 Steps to Direct Marketing Success

The direct marketing concept is utilised by businesses of all sizes to market their goods or services to the people who matter but how can you ensure that your approach is risk-free and creates the impact you are looking for, even in a crowded marketplace. Check out our top 5 steps to making a huge success out of your direct mail marketing efforts…

1. Knowing exactly who your audience are is the key to a successful direct marketing campaign. Putting in some time to research your target customer (especially if you are a new business) can ensure that there is very minimal risk and company owners can guarantee a return on their investment. As well as getting to know what your customers want and designing a strategy to give it to them, it is also important to know how to reach them effectively, is this by concentrating on door to door mailing or reaching them via their email inbox? If it is the latter, then you will need to build a consumer or business mailing list, which we recommend you do yourself to keep costs low.

2. Whether you are going for door to door mailing or email marketing, it is essential that your company looks great on paper with a creatively designed leaflet or template. Opt for a striking design that doesn’t compromise on clarity or content.

3. Incorporating a value-added promotion can also grab the attention you are looking for, especially when reaching customers on their own doorsteps. Give every audience member who picks up your leaflet a reason to purchase your goods or services now, ensure offers are timely and seasonal to make the impact you need to bag a sale!

4. Keep materials high quality too, this way customers know that they are dealing with a professional company who really means business. In the printing world, you get what you pay for so invest some time in searching out a great printer to ensure your materials are high quality and streak-free. Consider using professional grade paper and die cut effects to make a creative first impression.

5. Always follow up, especially if your leaflet campaign includes the recommended value-added promotion. The likelihood is a large percentage of your leaflets will reach potential customers that may not make a purchase simply because the timing isn’t right. Run regular local and regional campaigns to ensure you are always at the forefront of customers’ minds and that your product or service is there when the time is right!

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