Designing a Striking Leaflet to Market Your Business

When it comes to crafting a poignant mail advertising campaign, it is essential that owners of businesses of all sizes are able to design and print a leaflet that is striking and represents their business clearly and concisely. Direct mail marketing is one of the most traditional forms of putting your company on the map and with our top leaflet design tips you can ensure that your campaign moves with the times, getting your company the publicity it needs and reaching the people that matter.

The first step of creating a leaflet that really grabs the attention of your target audience is to plan the content. Whilst the appearance of the leaflet is of utmost importance, the content is an essential way of potential customers getting the gist of your service or product and provides all they need to know at a glance, as well as the all-important contact details that allow them to get in touch. A good flyer should be clearly written and give your customers the information they need in a condensed manner – but believe me, this is no easy feat!

Less is more when it comes to the content of flyers so break down the details of your service, product or offer into digestible chunks. Avoid long paragraphs and instead keep sentences short and sweet or use bullet points to make it even easier to read. Remember the ‘who, what, where and when’ to ensure content is to the point.

Next think about the imagery you wish to incorporate into your leaflet to make it a visual success. Including your company logo is a given, but you can use other images to create an awe-inspiring look and urge customers to pick up your leaflet from their doormat. Avoid clipart images, which tend to look unprofessional and cheesy, instead used Google’s advanced search or the Flickr Creative Commons portal to find images to complement your overall look. Accompany images with blocks of color to create a sturdy background for text.

Attention grabbing headlines are also a must so play around with your wording and its position on the page. However, make sure the text of the headline is readable and doesn’t get lost in front of vibrant imagery.

Start your direct mail marketing campaign with plenty of ammo by designing a leaflet that is clear, concise, vibrant and ultimately says a lot about your brand, and make the impact you need to make your business and its products or services a real success.

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