The Dos and Don’ts of Direct Marketing

Using leaflet distributors to deliver direct marketing material from door-to-door has been the core principle of offline marketing strategy since the dawn of promotion, and a number of big and small companies have tried and failed to make the impact they need on local doorsteps. We’re here to provide you with the ultimate dos and don’ts to ensure your leaflet distribution campaign does all it can for your growing business!

Do be simple in your approach; many businesses tend to overthink their direct marketing strategy with disastrous results. Make sure you have a clear purpose for each campaign and display this clearly and simply for a successful impact.  Also, do tie in an event, by making your direct mail topical, you are more likely to grab the attention you deserve and induce a sense of urgency. Reward your customer with an offer to celebrate a company event or seasonal service to bag business (as well as interest) in the process. However, try not to date your leaflet too aggressively as this may put off customers getting in touch after the event or offer has expired.

Don’t narrow your target audience as the joy of marketing using this direct approach is that you never know who you are going to meet. Whilst realistically narrowing distribution based on price brackets is encouraged, in other cases you should never rule out demographics that aren’t your target audience. Send your leaflet distributors far and wide to discover new customer bases in your region.

Do give your customers another way to contact or find out more about you and your company by always including your website URL, twitter name, Facebook page and contact number clearly on your leaflets.

Don’t try leaflet distribution just the once, after all the key to success in persistence. Run multiple campaigns throughout the year to catch customers at the right time and increase sales. This will also transform your business into a memorable brand, prompting a feeling of trust amongst your customer base and beyond.

Do utilise words that are active and engaging as the key to a great leaflet campaign isn’t just design it’s also using the right language. Research common words that sell and use these in conjunction with your business’ own keywords and phrases to give potential customers picking up your leaflet the direction they need to make a purchase.

By following these dos and don’ts you can ensure that your direct mail campaign goes off with a bang every time your leaflet gets picked up, it could be your key to acquiring, keeping and even winning back the customers that make your business a success!

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