How to Make Sure Your Brochure Gets Noticed

Brochure distribution is an excellent way for companies of all sizes to market their services and special offers. However, it is only worth doing if it is done right. And that means ensuring that your brochure gets noticed straight away and leads to the desired action rather than getting discarded immediately.

So what are the main elements of a successful brochure?

Give People a Reason to Pick it Up

When you are running a brochure distribution campaign, your brochure will be competing with many others. That means if you want yours to get noticed then you have to provide your recipients with a clear reason to pick it up.

This can be achieved in a number of ways. A clear, powerful and compelling headline is one of the most obvious tactics. This could be something unmissable that communicates an immediate and powerful benefit of reading on, such as a special offer that they would be foolish to miss out on. If the brochure is worth reading then make sure that they are aware of this and don’t hide it away.

Clear, Bold Design

Cluttered brochures get ignored when it comes to running an effective brochure distribution campaign. If you want yours to stand out then it has to be designed in a clear and bold manner, making good use of images and text so that potential customers can immediately see what it is and what it can do for them. If it is plastered with too much information then there’s a good chance it will be ignored.

Call to Action

Don’t just assume that people will act on the information contained within your brochure: tell them exactly what you want them to do. A clear call to action is one of the defining factors of running a successful brochure distribution campaign. Make sure you explain how your customers should move onto the next stage, as well as providing them with all the details they need to do so.

Give Your Brochure the Edge

It’s a competitive market and if you want your brochure to stand out and get noticed, and therefore lead to increased enquiries and sales, you will need to take all of the above factors into account in your brochure distribution campaign. And one last thing: don’t forget to proofread. A spelling mistake on the front page is one surefire way of turning off your prospective customers immediately.

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