Leaflet distribution

It has been calculated by the Direct Marketing Association that leaflet distribution door drops are used by some 80% of the top advertiser in the UK. Even with the rapid ride in popularity of the Internet and its ability to quickly get the word out about anything, during the past 15 years, leaflet distribution has seen a steady – even rapid – rise in popularity as an important and highly significant means of promotion and communication locally. It actually remains considerably more effective than any of the relatively new Internet methods.

Leaflet distribution is the cheapest form of direct marketing, which perhaps explains its popularity and effectiveness. This segment of direct marketing is worth close to one billion pounds a year in the UK. A properly though out campaign that follows all the accepted steps necessary for success can reasonably expect to see an impressive return on investment as leaflet distribution in its standard and traditional form tends to be much less of a gamble than some other methods of direct marketing.

Leaflets are generally distributed in the standard A4 or A5 formats. Larger formats can be used, but are usually folded to become A4 size. However, a single sheet either printed on just one side, or even printed on both sides, remains the favourite with most companies that use leaflet distribution as a promotional device.

Leaflet distribution can be surprisingly cost effective too, especially if shared leaflet distribution is employed. This is where two or more companies get together and share the printing and distribution costs. They also share the leaflet space, having information concerning each company on the same leaflet. This works best when employed by two or more companies that have complementary products or services. In this way there is no competition. On the contrary, if someone decided to use a particular product or service, the other product or service is likely to be worth considering too and may be purchased as well.

Leaflet distribution has a long history of success at the local level. It is a direct marketing method that is used by many of the top advertisers, as well as by government departments because of its relative low cost and extremely effective nature. There are more than 15 billion leaflets distributed annually through household letterboxes in the UK. It is a number that is steadily growing as more and more businesses come to realise that leaflet distribution simply works.

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