Leaflet distribution

Leaflet distribution is considered to be efficient and effective way of promoting any business.

It is because the cost of leaflets printing is much lower than other print mediums like billboards and a moderate investment is required to get them distributed by a professional company. The response rate is much higher than a print ad in newspaper since companies can add full details like menu etc. and even a discount coupon in the leaflet. This way companies including small entrepreneurs can generate good sales with little investments.

The best way to advertise local store or any business is to use leaflet distribution in the immediate and nearby localities. This is because it is no use to invest in high cost billboard or TV advertisements especially when your business is not operating on national level or covering many cities. Best and effective advertisement, for new businesses, is one that generates trial of their product. Adding extra details in the leaflets or by simply adding a discount voucher of about 10% to 20% with leaflet certainly generates much greater response from targeted customers.

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