Understanding Mailshots

Mailshots are bulk mailings, usually of a promotional nature, made by companies that profit from the process. They often mail out tens of thousands of letters at one time to a list of possible customers. The letters themselves are a kind of sales page. They contain an offer that is made in the most persuasive manner possible in the hope that the recipient will purchase. Mailshots can typically expect to convert around one customer in every 100. That is a conversion rate of 1%. Often the conversion rate is actually lower, and if it falls below .5%, the entire promotional effort may prove to be unprofitable or barely profitable.

Mailshots are sometimes described as warm or cold. This means that the people the mailshot was sent to were receptive to the offer, or not. Anyone thinking about sending out mailshots can hire lists of possible customers. These lists vary considerably in quality and responsiveness. The best kind of mailing list is one of proven buyers, who also have a proven history of being interested in the item being promoted. These are warm prospects. They are much more likely to purchase the item being promoted than people who are known to be non-buyers, and who have no known interest in the promoted item, cold prospects in other words.

Mailshots are also sometimes referred to as junk mail. This is because most people do not want to receive these offers. They therefore view the mail as junk, or worthless to them. The majority of letters in mailshots end up in the bin unopened. In the UK, recipients of so-called junk mail can opt out of receiving it by using the Mail Preference Service. This service allows them to be placed on a list of people who have stated they do not wish to receive any further items from promotional mailshots.

Mailshots are also known as direct mail. It is a multi-million pound industry that covers a very wide range of products and services. It is probably true that the postal systems around the world depend to a large degree on mailshots for their annual revenue. This also has to be balanced against the growing number of people who are unhappy about receiving unsolicited mail.

Mailshots are common in most advanced countries. They are usually promotional in nature. Properly targeted warm mailshots can be welcomed by most of the recipients, as it will be of interest to them. However, there will always be a number of people who do not wish to receive these letters. Mailshots, or direct mail, has always been a very profitable way of promotion.

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