3 Benefits of Leaflet Marketing Over Online Marketing

Leaflet marketing and other forms of traditional marketing sometimes feel like a relic from the past, and it often seems like online marketing is taking over. At least, that is what we constantly seem to be reminded of. However, leaflet distribution still has a very important role to play, and there are still some major benefits it provides that you cannot get with online marketing. Here are three of the most important.

1. Get Your Message Straight into the Hands of Your Targets

There is nothing more direct than getting a physical message into the hands of your targets, whether that is in the form of a leaflet, brochure or flyer. If someone actually picks up your marketing material then it means that they have definitely seen it and there is more chance that they will pay attention to what it contains.

This can be even more effective when you decide to carry out a leaflet distribution campaign where your leaflets are sent out on their own instead of with leaflets from other companies.

2. Provide a Physical Message Your Targets Can Keep

A well-designed leaflet, brochure or flyer is sometimes kept by the customer rather than thrown away, and this provides more chances to make sure your message gets noticed.

When carrying out a door-to-door mailing campaign, if you create good quality, attractive leaflets with a great design, and make sure that they include important details like your telephone number and address, you can increase the chances that your targets will hold onto them for longer.

Online marketing is more temporary, and people often see a message and then forget it. With a physical product, it can stay in their homes and provide a constant reminder of your service.

3. Repeat Your Message Continuously

Leaflet distribution works so well because the message is repeated over and over again. People typically need to see a marketing message many times before acting on it, and because letterbox distribution is so affordable you can use leaflet distribution to get that message into their hands over a period of many months. Then when they decide they want to use the service you offer, they will come straight to you.

Leaflet Marketing Has a Large Role to Play

Online marketing can certainly form an important part of a marketing strategy, but don’t ditch traditional methods just yet. Doorstep marketing in the form of leaflet distribution and flyer delivery is still one of the best forms of marketing and it has many advantage over online methods, so stick with leaflet distribution and enjoy more success from your marketing.

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